Jan 12, 2018
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Live at CES: Indiegogo CEO Predicts What's Next for Crowdfunding

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At CES</a>, hundreds of companies of varying sizes and stages can attribute crowdfunding platforms&nbsp;to their&nbsp;funding, product design and&nbsp;success. One of those being&nbsp;Indiegogo</a>.</p>

Founded in 2007, the company has attracted hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, and as the platform has grown, it's adapted — from supporting companies that want to pursue equity crowdfunding to&nbsp;helping&nbsp;backers and campaigners be more accountable to each other.</p>

Earlier this week,&nbsp;Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot took the time to reflect on the changing crowdfunding landscape&nbsp;at his&nbsp;company's CES booth, located in the CES&nbsp;startup hub, Eureka Park. Mandelbrot and Entrepreneur</i>&nbsp;Associate Editor Lydia Belanger chatted about what's changed with crowdfunding over the past five years, why&nbsp;companies have to approach campaigns differently than they once did&nbsp;and the next phase of crowdfunding Mandelbrot sees starting to take shape.</p>

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Watch a replay of the Facebook Live clip below to hear&nbsp;Mandelbrot's insights.</p>

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