Feb 9, 2017
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Samsung's QLED TV's have world-first 100 percent color volume

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Thanks to Samsung’s latest Quantum-dot display technology, it’s latest QLED TV’s have just been verified as having a world-first 100 percent color volume — that’s according to German testing association Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE).

Color volume is essentially a measure of the ability to express all the colors that can physically be displayed (aka: the color gamut), at any given luminosity, up to the display’s peak brightness. Most display’s suffer as the brightness increases, which can lead to color distortion, or simply not being able to display certain colors at all.

What this ultimately means for Samsung’s new QLED screen is that it should result in “more realistic, accurate and vibrant HDR images” on screen, with films and TV shows shown “as the director or content producer intended, in both bright and dark scenes”. The Quantum-dot material will hopefully also allow for consistent color quality from any viewing angle, in both brightly lit and dark rooms alike.

You can pre-order select Q-series models from the US Samsung page, starting at an eye-watering $2,500. We're currently still waiting on pricing and release information for both Australia and the UK. 

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